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The future power engineering capabilities and workforce for our region and beyond, beginning with the education of talented engineers. Considered among the best in the world in power engineering education and research, WSU is the premier power engineering program in our region. The education of the next generation of power engineers is inextricably linked to the continuing success and growth of the regional and global power industry.

The Power Engineering program at Washington State University has an outstanding legacy of excellence in the field of power and energy systems. To support the undergraduate program, the Power Professorship Program was formally established at WSU in 1973 by regional power companies. It has since evolved into the ESIC PEP program that we have today. We continue the tradition of WSU engineering graduates making a difference in organizations in our region and society. On average, roughly half of EE graduating students choose to specialize in the power area. Our graduate engineers have gone on to work and excel in regional, national and global companies that focus on the electric power industry.