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Energy Systems Innovation Center


Why Washington State University and Energy Systems Innovation Center?

  • Fundamental Power Engineering Concepts are emphasized through multiple core curriculum courses.
  • Advanced Power Engineering Topics are covered through an extensive set of elective courses such as protection, renewables, power electronics, distribution systems and cybersecurity by leading power engineering faculty experts.
  • Diversity is an integral focus that is valued and promoted by WSU and ESIC.
  • Everett and Bremerton WSU EE power track degree completion programs provide region-wide education and career opportunities.
  • Laboratory Hands-On Learning includes the Avista Energy Conversion Lab funded by support from Avista, the PSE Renewable Energy Lab established through funding from Puget Sound Energy, and the Protection Lab that was set up with donations from SEL Inc.
  • Senior Design Projects are often supported by PEP partners to orient students to problems affecting the electric power industry.