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Energy Systems Innovation Center

From the Director

M Venkatasubramanian
Dr. Venkatasubramanian


It is my pleasure to address you as the new Director of Energy Systems Innovation Center (ESIC). It is my honor and privilege to be leading ESIC consisting of such strong industry partners and collaborators, distinguished faculty, dedicated staff and talented students.

We have a long tradition of excellence in research and teaching in the electric power program here at WSU, and there has been a tremendous growth in our program since the time I joined WSU just after earning my PhD back in 1992. I have seen third generation power engineering cougs in my power classes which points to the special role WSU has played in contributing to the needs and growth of power industry and local community over the years.

ESIC and the power program will carry on this tradition with pride and will continue to work with regional power producers, utilities, and manufacturers, as well as local, state and Federal governments in meeting and rising up to the challenges facing the power grid. ESIC will lead the march as the power grid transitions toward a sustainable, efficient and economic power grid of the future without sacrificing its reliability and resiliency. We need strong collaborations between the core power faculty with all our friends in the broader ESIC community in addressing the social, economic, and policy challenges that we will be facing as we move toward the energy grid of the future.

Specifically I want to highlight the potential near-time surge expected in our research activities from our strong collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Labs in the form of the recently launched joint institute, Advanced Grid Institute (AGI). AGI is presently being led by the interim co-Directors, our Prof. Anjan Bose on behalf of WSU and Jeff Dagle a coug and a Chief Electrical Engineer at PNNL. WSU is actively searching for a new AGI Director to take over the leadership of the new institute. AGI has a well-defined mission on becoming the world leader on the modelling and simulation of the large electric power grid in the context of the broader national energy network and AGI will be driven mainly by the USDOE funding programs and policies.

ESIC has a broader mission with respect to AGI in that ESIC is responsible for excellence in wider research topics of importance to our regional and national power industry partners and for continuing and enhancing our traditional strength in power engineering education.

I thank all the ESIC industry partners, ESIC faculty, staff and students for their outstanding contributions to ESIC in achieving our current status of being recognized as an international center of excellence in power engineering, and I look forward to working with everyone in leading ESIC to greater heights and accomplishments. If you have any questions regarding ESIC, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Best wishes,



Mani V. Venkatasubramanian

Director, Energy Systems Innovation Center

Boeing Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-2752