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Energy Systems Innovation Center

From the Director

M Venkatasubramanian
Dr. Venkatasubramanian


Dear All:

New year is off to a fast start with us already in February. I am writing to update you on several exciting developments here in ESIC.

1) ESIC Energy summit and ESIC board meeting:  Our ESIC Energy summit which is hosted as part of the PEAC conference this year is being held in SeaTac Marriott in Seattle WA on March 5th 2020 from 8 am to 130 pm. Details can be seen at The theme this year is on Grid resilience and we will have many state utility commissioners and industry leaders participating in the summit. This will be followed by our Spring 2020 ESIC board meeting from 2 pm onward at the conference hotel itself. We invite you all to the PEAC conference, Energy summit and the board meeting.

2) Power Engineering Partners (PEP) board meeting:  The annual meeting of the PEP board will be held in Pullman on either April 30th or May 1st. We will keep you posted.

3) WSU-PNNL Advanced Grid Institute (AGI): Dr. Noel Schulz has recently taken over as the AGI Interim Co-Director from WSU and we thank Dr.Bose the previous Co-Director for his outstanding service to AGI, WSU and PNNL for the past two years. Dr.Bose has now transitioned into a Chief Scientist for AGI and as always, we look foward to his technical leadership and advice for ESIC and AGI. The search for the AGI Director position is coming along well. We have some potential candidates scheduled to visit WSU and PNNL in the next few months and we hope to fill that position very soon.

4) ESIC Industry Liaison:  ESIC is looking to hire an energetic and dynamic person with excellent communication skills for the position of ESIC Industry Liaison and the search is ongoing. The liaison will play a crucial role in strengthening our ties with our stakeholders and in taking the mission of ESIC forward. We invite you to spread the word around and to nominate qualified individuals for the position. We appreciate your help in finding the right candidate for this important position for ESIC.

5) ESIC Retreat update:  We had our annual ESIC faculty retreat this Fall and came up with draft vision and mission statements for ESIC. Our vision statement says: “Leading the transition to affordable, sustainable, and resilient electric power systems.” Our mission is “Research, education, and outreach to solve challenges for modern power systems.” We will discuss these in our upcoming ESIC and PEP board meetings and finalize the statements soon.

Also, we had decided in our faculty retreat that we will be sharing our weekly ESIC seminars in the form of zoom meetings with the broader ESIC community to provide increased access to ESIC research. Jeannine Burke our ESIC manager will be sending you weekly calendar invites with details on the speakers and seminars for each week. Some of these seminars originate from PSERC the multi-university consortium that WSU is part of. Other seminars will be provided by invited guests and our faculty and graduate students on topics of current interest. We look forward to your participation and your suggestions and feedback.

We look forward to seeing you soon and our best wishes,


Mani V. Venkatasubramanian
Director, Energy Systems Innovation Center
Boeing Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Washington State University
Pullman, WA  99164-2752