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PEAC 2020 – Ending an Era


Thank you to those who attended the 2020 Power & Energy Automation Conference (PEAC) as well as the ESIC Summit in early March in Seattle.  For those who attended the conference proceedings and papers are available and you should have received a password to gain access.

PEAC has evolved over its 22 years and this year the conference was moved to Seattle.  Unfortunately, with the proliferation of so many conferences and other professional development opportunities, it is no longer financially feasible for Washington State University’s Energy Systems Innovation Center to provide support for PEAC so there will not be a future PEAC conference.  If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to email Dr. Mani Venkatasubramanian, Director, ESIC, .

I would like to thank the PEAC 2020 Conference Committee and the WSU ESIC staff who helped with organizing and hosting the conference this year.    The program was excellent and provided many opportunities for networking and learning for those who attended.

Best wishes for 2020 and beyond.  Stay safe and healthy!


Noel Schulz, PEAC 2020 Conference Chair

Dr. Noel Schulz
Conference Chair

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