Dr. Chen-Ching Liu

ESI Center Director

Boeing Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

Liu is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is an international leader recognized for his pioneering contributions to the development of decision support systems for power systems. Liu received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and has held academic and administrative posts at the University of Washington, Iowa State University, and University College Dublin. He is a recipient of the IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award in 2004. Dr. Liu is a member or the U.S. National Academies Board on Global Science and Technology.


Jody Opheim

ESI Center Manager

 Jody Opheim has more than a decade of experience in higher education fundraising, including major gift solicitations, annual fund programs, proposal writing, prospect research, board development, and donor stewardship. She has worked closely with the region’s utilities and energy-related companies to build awareness and support for the WSU Power Systems Engineering Program and ESI Center. Jody earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has held development and administrative positions at the University of Missouri, University of Idaho, and Washington State University.

Steering Committee

Dave Bakken
Smart grid communications
Anjan Bose
Regents Professor
Power system operation and control
Brent Carper
Power system protection and control
Anamika Dubey
Assistant Professor
Smart grid analytics, operation and planning
Adam Hahn
Assistant Professor
Cyber-Physical systems
Carl Hauser
Associate Professor
Cybersecurity for smart grid
Tosh Kakar
Clinical Professor
Chen-Ching Liu
Boeing Distinguished Professor
Decision support systems for power systems
Saeed Lotfifard
Assistant Professor
Power system protection and control
Ali Mehrizi-Sani
Assistant Professor
Renewable energy integration
Bob Olsen
EMF study and detection
Anurag Srivastava
Associate Professor
Smart grid stability and security
Mani Venkatasubramanian
Oscillation monitoring/detection systems
Sijie Chen
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Power system operation and control
Yin Xu
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Decision support systems for power systems


Affiliated Faculty

Applicable Research Area Name Home Department E-mail Address
Hydrology Jennifer Adam Civil/Environ Eng

Earth systems modeling; hydrologic impacts of global change; land/atmosphere interactions; water resources engineering; sustainable development in water resources; and hydroclimatology

Computational Nanoscience Soumik Banerjee Mech/Mat'l Eng

Nanoscale transport phenomena; molecular modeling of materials, organic photovoltaic solar cells, modeling electrolytes in Li batteries; synthesis and properties of carbon nanostructures

Integrated Design  Todd Beyreuther Arch/Const Mgmt

Building and site energy efficiency design measures; interdisciplinary and open-source design methodologies; integrated building and infrastructure systems design; and interactive and flexible architectural environments

Risk Communication Amanda Boyd Communication
Examining how rural communities and the general public perceive energy systems development (such as carbon capture and storage, nuclear power plants and hydro-electric projects) and how this impacts support for or opposition to technology development and implementation.
Smart Home/Environments Diane Cook EECS

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, robotics, smart environments, and parallel algorithms for artificial intelligence

Dynamical Networks Sandip Roy EECS

Control and design in large-scale dynamical networks; application areas include sensor and vehicle networking, market pricing system, and electric power system analysis

High Voltage Pat Pedrow EECS
Plasma processing, plasma-polymerized thin films, fabrication of supported catalysts, optimization of corona performance of high voltage hardware, corona power loss on HVdc transmission lines
Network-on-Chip Partha Pande EECS
Network on Chip (NoC); on-chip wireless communication network, reliable and low power NoC, three dimensional (3D) NoC, network-on-chip hardware accelerators for Biocomputing
Pervasive Computing Behrooz Shirazi EECS
Distributed computing, pervasive computing, software tools, distributed real-time systems, scheduling and load balancing, and parallel systems
Air Quality & Climate Change Brian Lamb Lab for Atmospheric Res
Atmospheric pollutant transport, effects of global change on regional air quality, biogenic trace gas emissions, and methods for measuring biosphere/atmosphere exchange
Bio Fuels/NARA Mike Wolcott Civil/Env Eng

Sustainability of the biofuels supply chain, development of new biobased resins and plastics and natural fiber composites and biopolymers, and development of advanced materials to improve durability, reduce manufacturing costs and pollution, and improve structural performance

Hydrogen/Nuclear Jake Leachman Mech/Mat’l Eng     
Hydrogen and methane custody exchange, storage, and property modeling; fueling of vehicles and fusion energy machines; cryogenic and thermal energy storage; energy conversion devices
Nanotechnology Grant Norton Mech/Mat’l Eng
Ceramic materials, nanotechnology, and clean technology
Fuel Cells Su Ha Chem Eng

Bio fuel cell catalysts, low temperature fuel cell catalysts, high temperature fuel cell and reforming catalysts, fuel cell model/diagnostic MRI measurement

Cognitive Behavior Paul Whitney Psychology

Cognitive neuroscience; effects of fatigue and cognitive load on risky decision making; use of feedback to improve decision making performance

Economics Alan Love (chair) Economics

Mergers and acquisitions; price fixing and other antitrust issues in energy, chemical, agricultural and natural resource industries; econometric and other models to evaluate effects of strategic behavior on market structure and conduct, including pricing; evaluation of intellectual property contained in multi-attribute products; preparation of evidence for price arbitration; and evaluation of economic damages

Public Policy/Transportation Ken Casavant Economics

Transportation economics and policy; international trade; marketing; industrial organization

Computer Simulation Models/Energy Policy Andy Ford Earth/Env Sciences

Computer simulation modeling with an emphasis on energy policy and environmental problems in the western USA

Social Norms, Theory & Group Processes Christine Horne Sociology

Research focuses on social norms - how they emerge, what makes them effective, and what their relation is to law; theoretically driven research that uses experimental methods to evaluate theoretical predictions; collaborative projects that apply theoretical insights to explain naturally occurring norms

Intelligent Agents Matt Taylor EECS

Intelligent agents, multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning

Environment/Hydropower John Petrie Civil/Environ Eng

Riverbank erosion and stability; field measurements of river flow and sediment; computational fluid dynamics; impact of hydropower operations on river morphology and ecology; environmental impacts of in-stream hydrokinetic energy generation

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